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Water Service Replacement or Repair

Chicago Water Service Plumbers

Replace old lead pipes with copper to remove health risks

Main water service to homes in Illinois with lead pipes may be dangerous to your health.

Do you need a new water service or do you need to replace your existing water service?

Remove your OLD water service and replace it with copper. Doing so will remove the #1 source of lead in your home, and in most cases will lead to much improved water pressure. 

Water Service PlumbersIf you are adding new plumbing you may need to upgrade your existing water service to sufficiently supply your whole structure with adequate water pressure – Thy-Plumber can HELP!

We have over twenty years of experience, and have the skills and experience to quickly fix and repair your water service issues.

Do you need help with your water service?

Call Thy-Plumber for help – we serve Chicago and the suburbs.