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In Chicago it is very common for pipes to freeze and burst as a result of the cold weather we experience in Chicagoland.

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Why do pipes burst and rupture?

Water pipes burst when the water inside expands as it gets close to freezing – this causes an increase in pressure inside the pipe. When the pressure gets too high for the pipe to contain, the pipe burst and ruptures causing the pipe to split open.

Burst Pipes are very common in Chicagoland due to the cold weather we experience each year. Burst pipes can cause major water damage to a building or structure. If a pipe bursts in the ceiling or floor it can be some time before the issue is discovered. The potential water from burst pipes in your house can be several gallons per hour. A burst pipe could leave you with a house full of water.

The most likely cause of a burst pipe comes from a combination of freezing temperatures and unprotected piping. Often times this occurs when you don’t have the correct temperature set in your home, or when the home heating fails. The average insurance claim for a burst pipe can be several thousands of dollars.

How do you prevent pipe bursts and ruptures?

  • Make sure you know where your water main islocated in the event of an emergency.
  • Make sure that any outside taps or piping including drain pipes near the elements are insulated.
  • Piping that is located in poorly heated areas like lofts, basements and garages need to be insulated
  • Pipes located outside such as pipes to garages or sheds need to be buried deep to prevent burst pipes.
  • Insulate your hot water heater – this can cause burst pipes
  • Have your home inspected for drips and leaks before the cold season begins
  • Have your Heating System serviced regularly to prevent down time and outages
  • If your home will be unoccupied for any long periods of time, turn off the main water supply when leaving
  • Leave your home heat on at a reasonable temperature to avoid freezing pipes

What should you do if a pipe bursts or ruptureds?

  • Look out for water damage – every burst pipe does not cause a “waterfall” of water. Inspect the ceiling, and look for damp patches on walls and floors
  • Watch for loss of water pressure and unusual noises in your home
  • If you suspect a burst or ruptured pipe – turn off the water supply immediately
  • Stay away from light switches and electrical outlets
  • Contact an emergency plumber – they can isolate the issue using leak detection technology and help you resolve the problem

Our plumbers have over twenty years of experience, and have the skills and expertise to quickly fix and repair your issues before they turn into a major problem. Thy-Plumber can help you resolve the problem!

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