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Toilet Repair Services In Chicago

Is a clogged or stopped up toilet preventing you from using your bathroom?

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Thy-Plumber can help you fix your existing toilet or install a new one. We help people and families in Chicago and the suburbs. We do it all from large to small jobs.

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We can help you with these toilet issues:

  • “Never Clog” Toilets
  • Auger / Snake A Toilet
  • Ballcock Replacements
  • Commercial Toilet Replacement
  • Customer Supplied New Toilet Installation
  • Die Tab Check Of Toilets
  • Douglas Valve Replacements
  • Dripping / Leaking Toilet
  • Easy Clean & Change- hinge allows for seat to be completely removed from the bowl for easy cleaning
  • Fix Loose Toilet
  • Fix Poor Flushing / Slow Toilets
  • Fix Rocking Toilet
  • Fix Running Toilets
  • Fix Running Toilets
  • Flush Valve Replacements
  • Flushometer Repair / Replacement
  • High Water Bills Can Be Caused By A Slow Leak Toilet
  • New Johnny Bolts
  • New Toliet Seats Installed
  • Object Removal From Toilets
  • Poor flushing toilet
  • Repair of Closet Flange / Replace Closet Flange
  • Sloan Valve Rebuild
  • Sloan Valve Repair / Replacement
  • STA-TITE Seat Fastening System – Installs with ease, never loosens.
  • Tank To Bowl & Gasket Replacement
  • Toilet Fill Valve Replacements
  • Toilet Fix – Leaking At The Base
  • Toilet Pull & Reset
  • Toilet Rebuilds
  • Toilet Wax Seals
  • Toliet Flush Improvement
  • Toliet Leak Checking & Fix
  • Toy Removal From Toilets
  • Unjam Toilets
  • Venting Issues
  • Water Saver Toilets
  • Whisper Close Toilet Seats – Slowly and quietly closes with a tap, eliminating slamming and pinched fingers

Thy-Plumber can help you fix ANY toilet problem or issue!

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